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  • NANB Registration Requirements

    In order to practise as a registered nurse (RN) in New Brunswick, you must be registered with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB). It is illegal to practise as a registered nurse without a valid NANB registration.

    In New Brunswick, registered nurse education programs are at the post-secondary (university) level after 12 years of elementary and secondary schooling. Registered nurse education includes theory and clinical instruction in medical, surgical, obstetrical (maternal/newborn), pediatrics (child health), psychiatric (mental health) as well as gerontology and community health nursing.

    To be eligible to apply for registration with NANB, you must:

    • Provide evidence of language proficiency in either English or French by:
      • Achieving benchmark scores on an approved language proficiency test (NANB approved language tests);
      • Holding current registration in another Canadian jurisdiction;
      • Completing a nursing program in either English or French; or
      • Providing other evidence of language proficiency for review.
      • PLEASE NOTE: As well as providing the evidence listed above, NANB may also require applicants to undergo an interview, with a member of NANB’s staff, to assess applicants’ language proficiency.
    • Have completed an approved nursing education program assessed to be substantially equivalent to that of a New Brunswick nursing education program;
    • Have been registered to practise as a nurse in the country where you completed your initial registered nurse education program;
    • Have been registered in good standing in other jurisdictions where you have worked (are working) as a registered nurse;
    • Have worked a minimum of 1125 hours of registered nurse practice within the previous 5 years or have completed an approved nursing education program during the same period;
    • Submit a current Criminal Record Check;
    • Complete the Jurisprudence module found under your “My Profile” account on the NANB website; and
    • Pass the Registered Nurse Examination

    Please do not apply to NANB until you have completed the application process with the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) and have received the NNAS Advisory Report.

  • New Brunswick Adaptation Program for Registered Nurses from France

    The Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB) has created a streamlined process for Registered Nurses educated and registered in France to become licensed for practice in New Brunswick.  After the successful completion of a 75-day adaptation placement and specialized mandatory learning activities, applicants who meet NANB’s other registration requirements will be qualified for immediate licensure in the province as Registered Nurses (RNs). 

    To be eligible for this opportunity, candidates must meet the following criteria: 

    • Have obtained a state nursing diploma in France 
    • Registration with the Board of the National Order of Nurses of France (ONI) 
    • A total of 1125 hours of recent nursing practice over the past 5 years 
    • Meet all other registration requirements set out in NANB’s by-laws and rules. 

      Specialized mandatory learning activities include: 

    • Successful completion of the Professional Nursing in Canada course offered by the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick’s  Programme de transition et readmission en sciences infirmières.
    • Standards for Practice for Registered Nurses (2019) – reading
    • Standards for the Nurse Client Relationship (2020) – learning module
    • Standards for Medication Management (2021) – learning module
    • Standards for Documentation (2020) – learning module
    • Entry-Level Competencies for RNs in New Brunswick (2019) – reading
    • Jurisprudence- learning module

    For more information on how to apply to participate in the New Brunswick Adaptation Program for Registered Nurses from France, please click here.

  • Costs

    This table indicates some of the costs related to becoming registered in New Brunswick.

    Item *Fees Due
    NANB Application processing fee (non-refundable) $460.00 Due with NANB application
    NANB Registration fee Fee Schedule Due when eligible for registration.

    *Canadian dollars tax included

    Other related costs may include:

    • Competence assessment and bridging education courses  (if required)
    • Registered nurse examination
  • Apply to NNAS

    There are two parts to the application process to become a registered nurse (RN) in New Brunswick. First you must apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) and once you have received the NNAS Advisory Report, you can then apply to the Nurses Association  of New Brunswick (NANB).

    Internationally educated applicants who have never been registered to practise as a registered nurse (RN) in Canada, must submit documents and credentials to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) for verification and assessment.

    The NNAS will produce an Advisory Report based on the documentation submitted and an evaluation of the comparability of your nursing education to Canadian standards for entry to practice.

    Once you have received your NNAS Advisory Report, you may apply to NANB to complete the assessment of eligibility for registration in New Brunswick. The NNAS Advisory Report is required by NANB and becomes a part of your application for registration in New Brunswick.

  • Apply to NANB

    Once you have applied to the NNAS and have received the NNAS Advisory Report, you may then apply to NANB to complete the assessment of eligibility to become a registered nurse in New Brunswick.

    Your application form  must be completed by you as the applicant. You may not have another individual complete the form on your behalf. Please submit the completed form to


    A. NANB Internationally Educated Nurse application:

    Proof of legal name

    • You must submit proof of legal name to NANB: birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable).
    • Only original documents or copies certified by a Notary Public (lawyer) will be accepted. Originals will be returned by mail.

    Personal Information

    • It is extremely important for you to provide accurate personal information that is consistent with the information submitted to the NNAS. Any discrepancies, particularly in the spelling of your name(s) and your date of birth will delay the review of your application.
    • Write your complete legal name, maiden name (if applicable) and all other names.
    • If your name has changed since your application to the NNAS was completed, you must provide certified documents that verify the name difference. Your identity, such as spelling of your name(s) and date of birth, must appear consistently on all your documents.
    • Your current home address is required (where you are now living). Please also include a mailing address if different from your physical home address.
    • Provide your telephone number (country code, area code and number) as well as your personal email address where you can be reached if there are questions about your application.

    Applicant Declaration

    • List any other Canadian nursing jurisdictions (provinces or territories) to which you have applied for registration. Note the date you applied and indicate whether you know the decision that has been made about your application.
    • You are requested to notify NANB if you apply for and/or become registered with any other Canadian nursing regulatory body during your application process to NANB.
    • If all questions are not answered, your application will not be processed. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, you will be contacted by NANB to provide further information.

    Application Fee

    • A non-refundable processing fee of $460.00 in Canadian funds is required with your application. Visa or MasterCard are accepted.
    • NANB will notify you when your application and processing fee have been received and you will be given your NANB login ID and password to check your information and the Status of Your Application.
    • Applicant files that are incomplete or inactive will be destroyed after two years and a new application and processing fee will be required.

    B. Criminal Record Check

    Please contact NANB prior to requesting a Criminal Record Check to determine the appropriate time for submission.

    • International applicants who have a permanent resident status must submit a current Criminal Record Check.
    • International applicants on a temporary work visa must obtain a Canadian Criminal Record Check as well as an International Criminal Record Check from each country in which they have practised nursing in the last 5 years.
    • International applicants applying from outside of Canada must obtain an International Criminal Record Check from each country in which they have practised nursing in the last 5 years.
    • Canadian and International Criminal Record Checks are to be obtained through CSI Screening at The timelines for receipt of International Criminal Record Check reports can vary depending on the country.

    Criminal record checks are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

  • IEN Navigation Service

    New Brunswick’s IEN Navigation service, designed specifically for internationally trained nurses (IENs) provides customized, client-centred assistance at no cost to the candidate. The service works with each candidate, helping them to navigate key challenges they might experience during the process to licensure, offering guidance surrounding:

    • The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS);
    • Provincial entry-to-practice competency assessments;
    • Bridging programs available in the province; and
    • Provincial regulatory bodies.

    Internationally educated nurses can connect with the IEN Navigation Service by completing this short form.

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