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General Information and Requirements

*Please note: Due to the high volume of calls and emails, there may be a delay in responding to inquiries and processing applications. We thank you for your patience and ask that you do not submit a duplicate request.

A nurse practitioner (NP) must be registered with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick in order to practice. Primary health care NP’s are eligible for registration. To be eligible for NP registration you must have completed education for prescribing controlled drugs and substances.

The Nurses Act stipulates that the nurse practitioner must have reasonable access to a physician for the purpose of consultation with respect to any client and be able to refer or transfer any client to the care of a physician.

The nurse practitioner must provide to the NANB Registrar, annually, the employee’s name and a statement from the employer verifying that the nurse practitioner, in the course of employment, has reasonable access to a physician for the purpose of consultation and referral or transfer of any client to a physician for care. The nurse practitioner must notify NANB if employment circumstances change and complete a Nurse Practitioner Consultation and Referral Statement.

To qualify for  registration as an NP, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Practised 900 hours in primary health care within the last three (3) calendar years;
  • Practised 300 hours in primary health care within the last twelve (12) months;
  • Graduated from an Approved ‘Family/All Ages’ Nurse Practitioner Education Program within the last three (3) years; or
  • Completed a nurse practitioner re-entry program within the last three (3) years.
  • Application for Registration- Canadian NPs

    Complete the NANB application for registration form if you have been a nurse practitioner in another Canadian jurisdiction and are applying to New Brunswick for the first time.

    Graduates from other Canadian provinces must complete the application form and return it to .You will receive an email with instructions to pay the application fee online.

    Canadian NPs

    Applicants must meet all requirements in order to become registered to practise as a registered nurse (RN) or nurse practitioner (NP) in New Brunswick.

    How long will it take to be registered?

    You should begin the application/registration process at least 4-5 weeks before you intend to start work in New Brunswick to allow time for all required documents to be sent to NANB. It is not unusual for applicants to wait 3-4 weeks for documents to be sent from other regulatory bodies and previous employers.

    Your application will only be processed once all required documents are received and requirements have been met.

    Application for Registration Procedure

    Please ensure all of the following documents are completed and criteria are met:

    1. Complete the Nurse Practitioner Application Form. You will receive email instructions to pay the application fee.
    2. Submit proof of your legal name (birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license) to Please send a photo or scanned copy of these documents. If you are submitting documents in a different name (e.g. transcripts, verifications from other regulatory bodies, etc.), you must provide documentation to support the name change (e.g. marriage certificate or name change certificate).
    3. Arrange for letters of good standing from all regulatory/licensing bodies where you have practised and/or been registered. This includes any countries outside Canada where you have been registered, as well as states/provinces/countries where you have held registration but not worked. To do this, complete section A of the Verification of Registration Form and forward it to the registration/licensing body (a fee may be required by the other regulatory body to complete this form, so please check with them directly).Because it may take a few weeks for your verification of registration requests from other jurisdictions to be processed, this step should be completed immediately after applying to NANB. All verifications of registration are valid for six months from the date of issue. NANB may require updated verifications of registration if your application process exceeds six months.
    4. Complete and return the Declaration of Employment Form.
    5. Complete section A of the Confirmation of Hours of Practice Form and forward a copy to each employer where you have worked during the past five years and arrange for the employer to forward the form directly to
    6. Submit a current criminal record check through CSI Screening. Log on to, complete the Canadian Criminal Record Check and indicate “NANB” as the company. This must be sent directly from CSI to criminal record checks from other sources, NANB will require the original be sent to us by mail. Criminal record checks are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
    7. Complete the Jurisprudence  module found under your “My Profile” account on the NANB website.
    8. Once your application approved for registration, pay all applicable fees. Please see Fee Schedule.
  • Application for Reinstatement

    Application for Reinstatement of Registration

    A completed Application for Reinstatement of Registration form is required if you have not been registered outside the province since your last active registration in New Brunswick.

    Out of Province Application for Reinstatement of Registration

    A completed Out of Province Application for Reinstatement of Registration form is required if you have been registered elsewhere, including outside Canada, since your last active registration in New Brunswick.

    Additional Requirements:

    If you were previously registered in New Brunswick and would like to reinstate your registration, the NANB requires the following:

    • Application for Reinstatement of Registration
    • Verification of Current Registration
    • Confirmation of hours
    • Payment of all applicable fees.

    The Reinstatement of Registration package includes the required forms listed above. Please download and complete as instructed.

  • Registration Renewal

    Registration Renewal – General Information

    Online Registration Renewal

    Renew your practising or non-practising membership online between October 1 and November 30, 2022 at 11:59 pm at

    NANB has launched a new member database that presents a modern interface with easy-to-use portal for RNs and NPs through the ‘My Profile’ section of the website. A one-stop shop for members to access and complete their annual registration renewal, request documents from NANB such as verifications of registration, and complete their Continuing Competence Program.

    New NANB Database FAQs

    Please note, although Registration Renewal remains open until 11:59 pm, NANB’s office hours are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, registration support will not be available after 4:30 pm.

    More information…

    Questions?  Should you have any questions, please contact registration services: