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  • Request for Proposals: Strategic Planning Facilitator

    *The submission deadline has been extended to November 29, 2023*

    Department:  Governance and Complaints

    Project Lead:  Melissa Everett Withers, Director of Governance and General Counsel

    Reference Number:  NANB-RFP-2023-03


    NANB is seeking an experienced and skilled Strategic Planning Facilitator to guide and facilitate our Board of Directors in a strategic planning session and drafting a Strategic Plan. The facilitator will work closely with the Board to help define our organizational goals, objectives, and strategies for the future. Through this RFP, we invite qualified facilitators to submit their proposals outlining their approach and strategies for facilitating a successful strategic planning session and drafting a successful strategic plan.

    Background Information

    The Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB) is the regulatory body for all registered nurses and nurse practitioners in New Brunswick. The purpose of regulation is to protect the public by ensuring RNs and NPs practise in a safe, competent, and ethical manner.

    In operation since 1916, NANB was continued as a corporate body under the New Brunswick Nurses Act on June 20, 1984.

    NANB’s Board of Directors develops a new Strategic Plan every three years and is seeking a facilitator to assist with the development of its 2024-2026 Strategic Plan.  NANB last engaged in a strategic planning exercise in 2020.

    NANB’s Board of Directors is scheduled to meet in Fredericton on February 1, 2024 for the strategic planning session (storm date February 8, 2024).


    The primary objectives of this engagement are to:

    • Facilitate a strategic planning session for NANB’s Board of Directors.
    • Assist the Board in defining clear organizational goals, objectives, and strategies
    • Ensure that the strategic planning session is productive, inclusive, and results-oriented.
    • Develop a strategic plan that aligns with NANB’s mission, vision, and mandate.

    Scope of Work

    The facilitator’s scope of work shall include but is not limited to:

    • Working closely with the Board to plan and design the strategic planning session agenda.
    • Facilitating the strategic planning session.
    • Encouraging open and productive discussions among Board members.
    • Assisting the Board in defining SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals and objectives.
    • Helping the Board prioritize strategies and action plans.
    • Documenting, drafting, and formalizing the Strategic Plan, based on planning session outcomes.

    Project Deliverables

     The project deliverables and meetings defined below are the minimum requirements for the execution of the project.  Should the proponent feel that it is desirable to produce additional deliverables then these should be described explicitly in the proposal. The following are considered the minimum deliverables:

    • Strategic Planning Session Agenda
    • Facilitation of the Strategic Planning Session
    • Draft Strategic Plan for Review
    • Finalized Strategic Plan
    • Visual Rendition of the Strategic Plan (Infograph)
    • Submit proposed draft templates for organizational operational plan and departmental work plans based on the strategic plan.

    Where meetings are planned to review the deliverables, the proponent shall allow for a minimum of one week between the date when the deliverable is available for circulation and the date of the meeting.

    Proposal Submission

    Interested facilitators are invited to submit their proposals by November 29, 2023 November 24, 2023

    The proposal must include the following:

    • An overview of the facilitator’s background and relevant experience in strategic planning facilitation and drafting.
    • An outline of the proposed approach and methodology for facilitating the strategic planning session.
    • Detailed timelines and milestones for the planning and execution of the session.
    • A breakdown of the facilitator’s fees and anticipated expenses.
    • At least two (2) references from previous clients for similar facilitation projects.

    Evaluation Criteria

    The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • Proponent’s demonstrated expertise, references, and experience in strategic planning facilitation and drafting.
    • Clarity and comprehensiveness of the proposed facilitation approach.
    • Ability to create a collaborative and productive environment during the session.
    • Proposed timelines, ability to meet deadlines, and in-person availability on designated meeting date(s).
    • Competitive and reasonable pricing.
    • Preference may be given to proponents with the ability to deliver services in English and French.

    NANB reserves the right to enter into an agreement, or not, on the basis of its evaluation of the proposals received.  NANB has no obligation to accept any proposal or enter into any agreement with any proponent.  NANB reserves the right to interview any or all of the proponents as part of the evaluation process.


    • RFP Issuance: November 3, 2023
    • Proposal Submission Deadline: November 29, 2023  November 24, 2023
    • Submission of Strategic Planning Session Agenda: January 8, 2024
    • Facilitation of Strategic Planning session with NANB Board of Directors and Leadership Team: February 1, 2024 (storm date February 8, 2024)
    • Draft Strategic Plan for Review (on site in Fredericton): February 22, 2024 (or February 29, 2024 if Strategic Planning Session happens on storm date)
    • Submission of Finalized Strategic Plan, Visual Rendition (Infograph) of Strategic Plan, and draft templates for organizational operational plan and departmental work plans: March 7, 2024
    • Presentation of Finalized Strategic Plan to the Board of Directors: March 21, 2024 (virtual meeting)


    Contact Information:

    For questions and submission of proposals, please contact:

    Melissa M. Everett Withers
    Director of Governance and General Counsel
    Nurses Association of New Brunswick
    165 Regent Street
    Fredericton, NB
    E3B 7B4

    We look forward to receiving your proposals and partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced Strategic Planning Coordinator to help shape the future goals and objectives of our organization.


    Melissa M. Everett Withers
    Director of Governance and General Counsel
    Nurses Association of New Brunswick