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The New Brunswick Lung Association – Annual Influenza Awareness Campaign

The New Brunswick Lung Association is promoting its annual influenza awareness campaign with the goal to educate people on the reality that influenza can be life threatening. 

There are 12,200 people hospitalized for influenza-related illnesses every year in Canada, with seniors accounting for 66% of this number. 

Getting your influenza vaccination doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get the flu but it gives you a good fighting chance not to be hospitalized or die from complications from the flu. Being vaccinated not only protects you but it protects those closest to you who are vulnerable (seniors, children under 6 months of age, people with certain illnesses and immune suppressed individuals)  

Get an influenza vaccination every year 

It’s important that you get a new influenza vaccination every year because: 

•        the type of flu virus usually changes from year to year 

•        a new vaccine is created every year to protect you each flu season 

•        the effectiveness of the flu vaccine can wear off, so you need a new one 

         every year to stay protected 

The influenza vaccination is safe 

•        severe reactions are very rare 

•        you can’t get the flu from the flu vaccination 

•        most people have no side effects from the flu vaccination 

There are now flu vaccines designed specifically for seniors “called high dose flu vaccine.” Ask your doctor about the flu vaccine that is recommended for you.

Do you need extra protection during flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Do your patients 65 and older need extra protection during flu season and the COVID-19 Pandemic?