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Important Information: Canadian Nurses Association Change in Membership

Important Information: Canadian Nurses Association Change in Membership

Fees will not be collected by NANB for 2023.

For many years the Canadian Nursing Association (CNA) has governed via a Board of Directors that included the Presidents of each Canadian province and territory. This type of Board governance is called “jurisdictional representation”. In 2018, a decision was made at the CNA Board to begin a governance review. The review was extensive and included feedback from nurses across Canada, as well as many other health professions organizations. In June 2021, the new governance model was presented and accepted at the CNA Annual General Meeting. Implementation of that model begins in January 2022.

The new governance model allows all nurses in Canada (RNs, LPNs, NPs, RPNs) to independently purchase a membership with CNA, and each member can vote on resolutions brought forward during AGMs.

What does this mean for nurses in New Brunswick?

Payroll deductions: CNA fees will no longer be included in 2022 payroll deductions for registration in 2023.

Renewal fees in 2023: CNA fees will no longer be included although all registrants must continue to pay CNPS fees + NANB registration fees.

CNA memberships: all registered nurses in NB who have registered as active practice or non-practicing due to a leave of absence, are CNA members until the end of November 2022. As of December 1st, 2022, nurses wishing to retain membership in CNA must apply to CNA directly.