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Canadian Registered Nurse Examination

PLEASE NOTE: The online application for the October 2014 CRNE is now closed, please contact NANB for further information. 

Individuals applying for registration in New Brunswick are required to pass the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination. The examination has approximately 200 multiple-choice questions. It measures the competencies required of entry-level nurses for safe and effective practice.

Please view the Webinar entitled Canadian Registered Nurse Exam and Registration


Graduates from New Brunswick nursing programs writing the examination for the first time must apply online between June 23rd and July 21st, 2014. NANB provides examination applications to all other applicants. 

Application Deadline Date / Examination Date

Your application accompanied by the required fee must be received in the NANB office by the deadline date for each examination sitting, as shown below:

Application Deadline Date Exam Date Fee
November 12, 2013 February 5, 2014 $559.79
March 24, 2014 June 4, 2014 $559.79
July 21, 2014 October 1, 2014 $559.79

Please note, NANB accepts Canadian funds only.

Exam Preparation

The Canadian RN Exam Prep Guide (5th ed.) contains a full practice examination in printed form as well as on CD ROM. It includes answers and explanations, a performance profile to identify strengths and weaknesses, study tips, and test-taking strategies. The Prep Guide can be purchased from the University of New Brunswick or the Université de Moncton school bookstores, through CNA’s website, toll-free at 1-800-385-5881 or email

CRNE Readiness Test offers 100 multiple choice questions different from the Prep Guide.

Admission to the Examination

To be admitted to the examination, you must show:

  1. the identification card that NANB sends to you three to four weeks before the exam; and
  2. identification bearing your photograph and signature such as a driver’s licence or passport.

On the examination day, take the required identification to the examination. You may not use calculators or other aids during the examination. All measurements used in the examination are in metric notation. Information about the examination-writing centre will be sent with your candidate identification card three to four weeks before the examination date.

Please Note:

Food is not allowed in the exam room without a Doctor’s note. No electronic devices, electronic watches or cellphones are permitted at your desk, they may be left in the designated area (please turn off your cellphone before leaving it). Neither the Nurses Association of New Brunswick nor the Canadian Nurses Association are responsible for the security of any personal items brought to the writing centre.

Examination Results

The examination result is reported as a pass or fail result only. You will receive your result by mail 4-6 weeks after the examination. Results are not released over the telephone. Candidates are only eligible to write the registration exam three times.

For more information on the CRNE, please contact Registration Services.