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Walk-in Clinics Rules Should be Standardized

Walk-in Clinics Rules Should be Standardized

NANB Supports NBMS’ Suggestion to Improve Access to Health Care Services

FREDERICTON February 12, 2019- The Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB) sympathizes with
patient’s frustrations in the Fredericton region, to access walk-in clinic services and supports Dr. Serge
Melanson, President of the New Brunswick Medical Society, recommendations that guidelines be
implemented to improve walk-in clinic processes and scheduling.

“While walk-in clinics can meet some patient’s urgent health needs, to truly provide proactive
preventative primary health care the province needs to fast-track collaborative care clinics ” says Karen
Frenette, President of NANB.

For many New Brunswick families, walk-in clinics or emergency rooms are the only options for accessing
health care which is concerning considering the continuum of patient care is lost when each visit that
patient is greeted by a new primary care provider, with limited health history background. The health care
system needs to adapt to the patient’s needs, recognizing longer walk-in clinic operating hours,
modernized appointment booking, potentially introducing an electronic system and standardized
guidelines for health care services.

The NANB would go a step further suggesting the province hire additional nurse practitioners (NPs) and
implement NP-led clinics with operating hours to better serve patient’s needs improving access to health
care, especially in areas where it has proven difficult to recruit physicians. NP-led clinics is not a new
phenomenon. Provinces like Ontario, offer NP-led clinics in order to improve access to primary health
care, specifically in rural communities.

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