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NB Health Professional’s Action for Climate Change – Forming a Coalition

Are you a health professional who is wondering, given your busy schedule, what actions that you can take in your professional settings to reduce the impact of climate change?       

In partnership with the NB Medical Society, the New Brunswick Lung Association is coordinating the Health Professionals’ Action for Climate Action. (HPACC) New Brunswickers trust Health Professionals, and that makes you uniquely positioned not only to take action yourself but to enable your patients to take action on and adapt to climate change.       

Our Coalition will provide Health Professionals with efficient and effective tools for communicating climate change at no cost to you.      

If you or someone in your network is passionate about taking action on climate change, you can help us create the tools you need in two ways:   

  1. Complete our short survey   
  2. Participate in a short virtual workshop that will provide you with background information on climate change health impacts and some activities underway in NB to reduce risks. (Doodle poll for availability) We will organize this webinar after we have heard from you.  

We look forward to hearing from you about this important issue.