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National Nursing Week 2023

National Nursing Week 2023

CEO’s Message, Denise LeBlanc-Kwaw

Dear fellow nurses,

Please let me extend my sincere gratitude to you for your extensive sense of duty during these last few years!

Your dedication to the public good has been exemplary and has been an inspiration for many new nurses and the next generation. We are in unprecedented times, and you have shown courage, fortitude, and strength of character. We are here to say thank you! Thank you for your immeasurable sacrifice over these past several years. Truly, I say Bravo! to all who persevered and fought for what is right.

I wish to inform you that your cries for help have not fallen on deaf ears! We, at NANB, have been working diligently with our partners as of late, to build bridges and begin rebuilding our new professional association, that will be the cornerstone for the work to come, revising and drafting our new Act. As we hold dear our past, we look to the future for the hope our profession can bring to the people of NB. Nurses have the solutions to our healthcare woes and we will be working with our government to express this reality.

We need nurses for our health care to function. We are the connecting force that holds it together. We are there with our people around the clock and we are there to say we can do it again in a new way, a better way that will energize and not defeat us.

Our New Act is one tool we hope will bring relief to you, our nurses, as we look forward to changing the context and the rules around how you can work. By providing you with the freedom to do what you are taught to do, the freedom to act as you know is right and are capable of, this is what we are striving for in this new Act.

You will soon be asked to Dream Big and to join us in creating this new reality where nurses will be respected and honored for the sacrifices, they do every day.

Please join us as we rewrite our Nurses Act for this and the next generation of nurses.

May you have a wonderful nurses’ week.