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NANB’s AGM Highlights Compassion Fatigue’s Effects on Nurses

NANB’s AGM Highlights Compassion Fatigue’s Effects on Nurses

FREDERICTON, May 31, 2017 — New Brunswick’s largest group of health care professionals,
representing 8,600 registered nurses and nurse practitioners in the province, convene today for an
Annual General Meeting (AGM) welcoming keynote speaker Rebecca Brown, presenting a topic of
great importance for nurses and nurse regulators.

“Compassion fatigue is now seen as a contributor to PTSD for dedicated professionals in direct
care,” says Rebecca Brown. “It is truly the price we pay as professional helpers, and it’s critical we:
understand the effects; recognize the signs and symptoms; and develop a resilience tool kit of
strategies to stay healthy, and build a culture of care for a Truly Trauma Informed Workplace.”
The keynote address scheduled for 11:00, will provide valuable information about the impact of
traumatic work on professional care providers who work in the most challenging of jobs. “We’ve all
witnessed various degrees of compassion fatigue within the nursing profession, personally, as well
as with other healthcare colleagues,” says Brenda Kinney, President of NANB. “Recognizing when
nurses need to refuel; NANB has partnered with NBNU to deliver two September workshops
continuing this discussion.” Registration opens mid-June.

Today’s AGM is scheduled to begin at 09:00 at the Delta Hotel Fredericton providing an opportunity
for nurses to participate in NANB’s general business session highlighting: last year’s activities and
accomplishments; a review of the financial statement from 2016; and introduction of newly elected
board directors including incoming President-elect Maureen Wallace, Riverview, NB (2017-2019).

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