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NANB’s AGM Addresses Cannabis in the Workplace

NANB’s AGM Addresses Cannabis in the Workplace

FREDERICTON, May 10, 2018 — New Brunswick’s largest group of health care professionals,
representing 8,600 registered nurses and nurse practitioners in the province, convene today for an
Annual General Meeting (AGM) welcoming keynote speaker Dr. Bill Howatt, Morneau Shepell, to
speak on a topic that will impact nurses and nurse regulators when cannabis becomes legal.
“By surveying cannabis bias’ and identifying what is our concern about legalization, we can
recognize things to consider while preparing for cannabis in the workplace,” says Dr. Howatt,. “What
we do know is there is a definite link between stress and addiction in the workplace.”

“As nurses, we are highly aware that stress is a major factor on personal health, engagement and
productivity in the workplace,” says Karen Frenette, President of the Nurses Association of New
Brunswick (NANB). “It is important we prepare for the impact cannabis will have on an already highly
stressed work environment and identify ways to support one another.”

The keynote address scheduled for 13:00, will provide valuable information providing a forum for
nurses to learn and explore the relationship between cannabis and dependency; the link between
stress and addiction as well as addiction and mental health; and the impact of cannabis legalization
on the workplace. Cannabis is already prevalent and will impact nurses through patients in there
care, colleagues, friends, family and potentially at a personal level.

Today’s AGM is scheduled to begin at 09:00 at the Fredericton Convention Centre providing an
opportunity for nurses to participate in NANB’s general business session highlighting: last year’s
activities and accomplishments; a review of the financial statement from 2017; and an introduction of
newly elected board directors.

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