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NANB Board of Directors Endorses Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes and Flavoured Tobacco Products

NANB Board of Directors Endorses Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes and Flavoured Tobacco Products

FREDERICTON, JUNE 2, 2015- Rapidly growing youth use of e-cigarettes is
concerning as it may lead to nicotine addiction and smoking initiation in young
people. Emerging evidence clearly indicates health and safety risks associated
with e-cigarettes, vaping, flavoured tobacco including menthol, and exposure
to second-hand vapour resulting in the Nurses Association of New Brunswick
Board of Directors to endorse a position statement that recommends the New
Brunswick government include e-cigarettes and flavoured tobacco under the
provincial legislation, and ban the sale all flavoured tobacco products, including
those with menthol.

“The NANB is encouraged by and supports the government’s recent
announcement to ban smoking from additional outdoor spaces, ranging from
patios to parks, in an effort to pursue smoking cessation in the province.
Government introduced amendments to the Tobacco Sales Act, May 29, 2015
banning the sale of all flavoured tobacco in New Brunswick, including menthol.
The sale of e-cigarette and e-juices to persons under 19 years of age will also
be prohibited. Darline Cogswell, President of the Nurses Association of New
Brunswick, states; “this shows government is serious about protecting the
health of all New Brunswick people; especially our youth.”

The Ontario government recently passed legislation recognizing electronic
cigarettes in the same way as regular cigarettes in Ontario under a new law
that also bans the sale of flavoured tobacco. Additionally, e-cigarettes can no
longer be sold to anyone under 19 years of age.

In Nova Scotia, legislation banning the sale of flavoured tobacco and treating
e-cigarettes like tobacco products came into effect Sunday, May 31, World No
Tobacco Day.

“Quality control and manufacturing standards for e-cigarettes are lacking,” says
Cogswell. “As a matter of fact, there is no proven evidence to support e-cigarettes as a cessation aid nor have they been proven to be effective or
approved for this purpose.”

With New Brunswick smoking rates ranking amongst the highest in Canada, a
full 5% above the national average and with cancer rates on the rise, it is time
New Brunswick legislates stricter tobacco access and use laws in the province.

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