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Community Health Nurses of Canada

Make a DifferenceJoin your professional colleagues, advocate for community health 

Community Health Nurses of Canada (CHNC) is a national organization for registered nurses who work in health centers, homes, schools and other community based settings. CHNC advances practice and improves the health of all Canadians.  CHNC serves as a Centre of Excellence for community health nursing to support and advance nursing excellence. CHNC has developed National Standards, several Competency sets, and a certification exam with the Canadian Nurses Association. CHNC holds educational events throughout the year such as conferences, forums and webinars. CHNC also advances health through advocacy in position statements, resolutions, and research as well as collaborates at various important health policy tables.

Membership in CHNC is especially important to you as CHNC continues to work towards strengthening community health nursing as a specialty nursing focus. As informed and active health care providers, CHNC membership facilitates your nursing voice being heard as major decisions are being made about community health in Canada. This is your opportunity to make a difference…More information can be found here.