NANB Registration Renewal

2020 Online registration renewal is now closed. For more information, please contact registration services.

The renewal deadline is November 30, 2019

Online registration renewal opens on October 1, 2019 and closes at 11:59 pm on November 30, 2019. In early October, members will receive an email reminder to renew registration online. If your email address has changed, please contact the Registration Services at 1-800-442-4417 or 1-506-458-8731.

Employer Payroll Deduction Deadline – November 15th

Your annual renewal includes completing the online renewal form and paying fees. If your employer has submitted your fees to NANB as part of a payroll deduction plan, you must complete the online renewal by November 15.

NANB will return the registration fees to the employer for any members who have not completed their online renewal form on or before the November 15 deadline. If you renew your registration after November 15, you must pay the annual fees using your debit or credit card.

How do I renew my registration?

Log in to your secured "My Profile" account using your username and password to access the online registration renewal module, or create your account at Create my profile by following the instructions.

Members will be able to print their registration certificate and receipt upon successful completion of online renewal or by accessing the secure “My Profile” member section on the NANB website.

Should I Renew?

Are You Really a Non-Practicing Member?

Late Fee will apply

Registrations that are renewed after November 30, 2019 will be subject to a late fee of $57.50. Any nurse, who practises while not being registered, is also in violation of the Nurses Act and may be charged an additional unauthorized practice fee of $287.50.

All employers will be notified about expired registration

The renewal deadline is 11:59 pm on November 30. Under NANB bylaws, your registration will automatically expire if you have not completed your renewal on or before the deadline. On December 2, 2019, all members whose registration has expired will receive a notice by email. In addition, NANB will be contacting all NB employers to provide a list of members whose registration has expired.   

Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) option coming for 2021 renewal

NANB is pleased to announce that starting in January 2020, members will have the option to pay annual renewal fees by pre-authorized debit (PAD). The PAD payment option will be open to all active practice members who intend to renew their registration the following year.  

Nurse Practitioner Information

In addition to completing your online registration renewal, NANB must receive your NP consultation and referral statement form signed by your employer or consulting physician prior to November 30, 2019.

REMINDER: If you are currently employed / working as a Nurse Practitioner in New Brunswick, please update your employment contact information as needed by logging on to your My Profile”.

Is your address on file with NANB up to date?

NANB uses multiple formats to communicate with members. General information for all members may be communicated through ebulletin, Info Nursing, on the website, or through mail or email.

For important communications related to your registration, however, NANB will communicate via mail or email.  

Don’t miss a deadline because you forgot to update your address. When you move or change jobs, add NANB to the list of companies that you notify as soon as possible.

Check the email address you have on file with NANB.

NANB uses both mail and email to communicate confidential information to members about their registration.  For this reason, an email address that is shared with co-workers or other members of your family is not appropriate. 

During 2020 renewal, all members will be required to provide an e-mail address that is private and that you check personally on a regular basis.

CCP Revision

The CCP is under revision. Expect to receive information on the new CCP starting in January 2020 through direct e-mail, NANB’s e-bulletin and Info Nursing. Information will also be available on Facebook and the NANB webpage. 

CCP Audit

Compliance with the CCP is monitored through an annual audit process. In August 2019, a randomly selected group of RNs and NPs received notification to complete a CCP Audit Questionnaire related to their CCP activities for the 2018 practice year. These members are required to complete the online questionnaire by September 30, 2019, prior to registration renewal.

Jurisprudence learning module will be mandatory during 2021 renewal.

In order to strengthen nursing accountability to the public and promote safe, competent, and ethical nursing practice, the regulatory bodies for registered nurses in Canada agreed to work toward adding the requirement to complete education regarding nursing jurisprudence. NANB’s jurisprudence learning module is an interactive online learning module designed to increase RN and NP understanding and awareness of how the Nurses Act and other relevant legislation applies to nursing practice in New Brunswick. 

In 2019, the Jurisprudence module was introduced as a new registration requirement for all applicants for registration with NANB. In the fall of 2020, the jurisprudence learning module will be a mandatory part of the Continuing Competence Program for all members as part of the 2021 renewal process.

For more information on registration renewal, please contact Registration Services.