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CNEI: Nurse Educator Certification Program: Module 3: Teaching-Learning Strategies

CNEI: Nurse Educator Certification Program: Module 3: Teaching-Learning Strategies

Starts April 13, 2023 ONLINE

Weekly, 7-9 pm EST/EDT

  • 4 synchronous (live) webinars
  • 2 asynchronous weeks
  • E-portfolio: May 18, 2023
  • Exam: June 1, 2023


By the end of this module, participants will have developed the following educator competencies:

  1. Employs strategies to engage learners in diverse settings
  2. Uses a variety of approaches to provide constructive, thoughtful, timely feedback to learners
  3. Shares teaching expertise with colleagues and others
  4. Creates learning opportunities for diverse learners and learning styles
  5. Develops a variety of assessment instruments to evaluate outcomes
  6. Implements learner-focused formative evaluation strategies
  7. Implements learner-focused summative evaluation strategies
  8. Implements a variety of learner-centered teaching strategies
  9. Uses a variety of strategies to evaluate learners across multiple domains
  10. Distinguishes between scholarship and scholarly activities
  11. Critically appraises scholarly work on teaching and learning
  12. Demonstrates rigorous and reflective thinking related to teaching and learning
  13. Generates meaningful insights regarding teaching and learning through the synthesis of existing knowledge
  14. Articulates a plan for public dissemination of scholarly work
  15. Recognizes the ethical dimensions of the teacher-learner relationship
  16. Develops interprofessional educational experiences for learners
  17. Creates learning environments that foster engagement in global settings More…