Out of Province Applicants

Emergency Temporary Registration

Visit the Registration Information page for information on emergency temporary registration for former nurses or nurse practitioners, and nurses registered in other provinces who wish to assist with the pandemic response.

Impact of COVID-19 on application and exam process

Updated information for applicants and students can be found on the Registration Information page.

As the registration of nurses is of provincial and not national jurisdiction, each jurisdiction has adopted legislation that governs the practice of nursing and the issuance of registration. Consequently, nurses moving to another province must apply for registration in their new province of residence.

If you were previously registered in New Brunswick and would like to reinstate your registration, go to registration reinstatement.

If you are a new graduate from another province, please contact Registration Services.

Requirements for Registration

In order to become registered, graduates of schools of nursing from another Canadian province or territory must:

  1. successfully complete a nursing program at an approved school of nursing in another Canadian province or territory;
  2. submit official proof of initial registration by examination in the jurisdiction in which an approved nursing course was taken;
  3. submit official proof of most recent registration if different from initial registration;
  4. submit an application for registration form along with all applicable fees;
  5. provide proof of legal name (eg. original or certified copy of birth certificate or passport and marriage certificate, if applicable); and
  6. have at least 1125 hours of practice in the previous five years, as confirmed by employer, or have graduated within the last five years.
  7. Complete the Jurisprudence module found under your “My Profile” account on the NANB website
  8. Submit a current criminal record check through CSI screening. Log on to www.csiscreening.com, follow the instructions to complete the Canadian Criminal Record Check (with or without eConsent), and indicate “NANB” as the company / employer. Criminal record checks are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Application for Registration Procedure

In order to obtain registration in New Brunswick, please ensure all of the following documents are completed and criteria are met:

  1. Complete the Application Registration Form.
  2. Forward your birth certificate (and marriage certificate, if applicable). Only original documents or certified copies by a Notary Public will be accepted. Original documents will be returned to you.
  3. Complete section A of the Verification of Original Registration Form and forward it to the registration body of the province in which you were originally registered. A fee may be required by the other regulatory body to complete this form, so please check with them.
  4. Complete section A of the Verification of Current (or Recent) Registration Form and forward it to the registration body of the province where you were last registered. This step is necessary only for nurses registered and employed in a province other than where they completed their nursing program. A fee may be required by the other regulatory body to complete this form, so please check with them.
  5. Complete the Declaration of Employment and References Form.
  6. Complete section A of the Confirmation of Hours of Practice Form and forward it to your past employer(s). If you were employed at more than one agency during the previous five years, please copy this form and send it to all appropriate offices.
  7. Obtain a current Criminal Record Check from www.csiscreening.com, who will send it directly to NANB.
  8. Complete the Jurisprudence module found under your “My Profile” account on the NANB website.
  9. Pay all applicable fees. Please see Fee Schedule.