Continuing Competency  Requirements

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is a regulatory requirement and serves to support nurses to determine their learning needs and examine their accountability as self-regulated professionals. The CCP focuses on promoting the maintenance and enhancement of RN and NP competencies while supporting professional development and patient safety.

The CCP requires registered nurses and nurse practitioners to reflect on their nursing practice through self-assessment against their standards of practice, the development and implementation of a learning plan, and then evaluation of the impact of the learning activities on nursing practice. It is an approach through which each registered nurse and nurse practitioner reflects in a formalized manner on their practice at least once annually. CCP also has mandatory completion of a learning module. The purpose of the learning module is to ensure that you are aware of legislation, regulations, standards or guidelines that affect your nursing practice.

CCP Annual Planning Guide

Webinar- NANB's Online Continuing Competence Program

There are four steps to meeting the CCP requirements:

1. Self-Assessment:
Assessing your practice to determine your learning needs.

2. Learning Plan:
Developing, implementing and evaluating your learning plan.

3. Learning Module-Medication Management:
Completion of NANB’s mandatory learning module. To access log into your "My Profile".

4. Record of Learning Activities (optional):
Record of your participation in learning activities throughout the year.

All RNs and NPs must complete the CCP annually as part of their registration renewal requirements. The CCP is meant to be an ongoing process throughout the year. You may need to revisit your CCP in the event of a change in your practice setting or nursing responsibilities. Your CCP worksheets can be accessed online through “My Profile”.

For more information about CCP, click here to read our CCP FAQs.

CCP Compliance Monitoring

Completing the CCP is a requirement for any active practice nurse or nurse practitioner who wishes to renew their registration with NANB. NANB’s by-laws (article 1.03G), require that the CCP program must also include an audit process to ensure that members are compliant with the requirements of the CCP. 

Each year registered nurses and nurse practitioners are randomly selected for review of their CCP submission from the previous year. NANB staff will review the learning plan submitted by the member for the upcoming year and the member’s evaluation of their learning plan from last year.

The audit process will consider:

  • Did the member complete all required components of the CCP (self-assessment; learning plan; implementation and evaluation of last year’s learning plan; mandatory learning module)
  • Do the learning plans relate to the member’s self-assessment
  • Member’s evaluation of how the learning activities informed and influenced the member’s professional practice.

For more information contact Registration Services.