Step 2: Learning Plan

Based on your self-assessment and the indicator(s) you have chosen to focus on from Step 1, it is now time to develop your learning plan.

The learning plan is meant to be flexible and you may need to revise your plan throughout the year. As you implement your learning plan, you may modify learning objectives, add learning activities, as changes or events arise in your practice setting or nursing responsibilities.

See 5 Steps to a Great Learning Plan for quick advise on creating a great learning plan.

Access your Learning Plan Worksheet to document your learning plan. Your CCP worksheets can be accessed online through your “My Profile”.

To Complete the Learning Plan Worksheets:

  • Create a learning plan for the standard of practice indicator(s) that you prioritized in Step 1 by following these steps for each indicator selected. The indicators will automatically appear in the workplan worksheet after you save and continue the self-assessment.
  • Select an indicator.
  • Set a Learning Goal(s) for the indicator that you have selected. NANB recommends that your goals be SMART. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Here are tips to develop SMART goals.
  • Think about what you need to learn to enhance your practice.
  • Identify the specific learning activities that will help you meet that learning goal. Visit NANB’s professional development section for case studies and resources as well as additional examples of  Learning Activities.
  • Identify target dates for each learning activity to help keep you on track.
  • Throughout the following practice year, proceed with completing the learning activities that you have identified in your plan.
  • Document the completion of each learning activity. Remember to enter dates of completion as you complete each learning activity.
  • As you implement your plan, you may identify other learning activities that assist you in meeting your established learning goal(s). Record these learning activities on your learning plan.

The final step to the learning plan is evaluation of the impact on your practice. Now that you have completed your learning activities, it is time to consider if you have benefited from these activities. It is important to identify what impact your learning goals and activities had on your nursing practice. Document the impact of your learning on the Evaluation Worksheet.

Evaluation of impact on my practice

Adapted with permission from The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba.

The evaluation is important because it outlines how you apply your learning to your nursing practice.

Think about some ways in which your learning impacted your practice. Ask yourself:

  • What new information did I learn?
  • Did I meet my learning goal?
  • How am I integrating what I learned into my practice?
  • How has the nursing care that I provide changed?
  • What impact could this change have on client outcomes?
  • Did I share what I learned with others?

Remember that you can record any learning activity online in your “My Profile”.