Standards for Nursing Education and Program Approval Process

The 1984 Nurses Act gives the Nurses Association of New Brunswick the legislated responsibility to set program standards and to approve nursing education programs in the province.The Standards for Nursing Education in New Brunswick influence and support the development and maintenance of high quality nursing education in the interest of the public. Their ultimate purpose is to provide guidance to nursing education programs in preparing nurse students to function effectively and competently within the present and future health care systems.

The Nurses Association of New Brunswick uses the Entry-Level Competencies for Registered Nurses in New Brunswick  ,(Entry-Level Competencies (ELCs) for the Practice of Registered Nurses in New Brunswick -Effective September 1, 2020). for program approval. The competencies describe what is expected of an entry-level registered nurse in order to provide safe, competent, ethical nursing care in a variety of practice settings. The competencies also serve as a guide for curriculum development and for public and employer awareness of the practice expectations of entry-level registered nurses.

In New Brunswick, basic nursing education programs are approved by the NANB. The approval process is carried out every 5 years.

The Nurse Practitioner programs are approved every 5 years.

The Nurse Re-Entry program is approved every 5 years.

NANB is also responsible for the approval of continuing education in nursing programs, which consist of planned, organized learning experiences. The approval process applies only to Continuing Nursing Education programs of 140 hours in length or greater. Approval of these programs is every 3 years.


Approved Nursing Education Programs

As part of the mandate of a self-regulated profession, the Nurses Association of New Brunswick reviews and approves New Brunswick nursing education programs leading to initial entry to practice as a registered nurse and programs leading to initial entry to practice as a nurse practitioner.

Educational Institution Approved Nursing Education Programs
Université de Moncton
  • Baccalauréat en science infirmière
  • Programme d’infirmière praticienne
University of New Brunswick
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Regular track)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Standing program)
  • Nurse Practitioner Program