Remembrance Day 2017

6 November 2017

Lest We Forget

NANB Board of Directors will be laying wreaths during Remembrance Day Ceremonies around the province on November 11th  to honour and remember all veterans and members of the armed forces, including registered nurses, who sacrificed their lives to protect our Country during World War I, World War II and those who currently serve.

Karen Frenette, President-  Cenotaph, Bathurst

Maureen Wallace, President-elect - Riverview,  Immaculate Heart Church

Joanne LeBlanc Chiasson, Director, Region 1- Moncton Colliseum

Rosanne Thorne, Director Region 2- Cenotaph, Saint John West 

Amy McLeod, Director Region 3-  Cenotaph, Woodstock 

Vicky Doiron, Director Region 4-  Cenotaph, City Hall Edmundston

Lisa Keirstead Johnson, Director Region 7- Cenotaph, Miramichi

Laurie Janes, Executive Director- Cenotaph, Fredericton

Dawn Torpe, Nursing Practice Consultant- Oromocto Cenotaph

Heritage Minutes: Nursing Sisters (Historica Canada)

The Nursing Sisters of Canada (Veterans Affairs Canada)

The First World War’s nursing sisters (Canada Nurse November 2016)

The Nurses' Memorial (House of Commons Canada)