Recorded Presentations

22 July 2014

NANB's Invitational Forum~ Leaders: Nursing Voices for Change
May 29, 2014

Good Practice:Amplifying Nurses’ Voices
Shari Graydon, Informed Opinions

NANB Election Priorities, Political Engagement Strategies & Election Toolkit Highlights
PANEL: Shari Graydon; Darline Cogswell, President; Roxanne Tarjan, Executive Director; Jennifer Whitehead, Manager of Communications

NANB's 98th Annual General Meeting
May 29, 2014

Introductions/ Announcements/ President's Remarks/ Approval of Agenda, Rules & Privileges/ Auditor's Report

NANB 2013 Annual Report Highlights (Part 1)

NANB 2013 Annual Report Highlights (Part 2)

2016-2017 Fiscal Plan Overview / Resolutions Committee Report/ Voting on Resolutions/ Election Results / New Business/ Invitation to the 2015 Annual Meeting/ Adjournment

Photos- AGM & Forum May 29, 2014