Disease Debrief: EV-D68

8 October 2014

National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases

After consultation with public health practitioners, including provincial and territorial chief medical officers of health and staff of the Public Health Agency of Canada, it was decided that a rapid review of the current enterovirus outbreak would be useful for Canadian public health practitioners.

To prepare this debrief, information has been gathered from a number of sources, including the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial health organizations, USA Centers for Disease Prevention and Control and other American public health organizations, MMWR, ProMED, media reports, and previous literature (although not a formal literature review).

Because there appear to have been relatively few observations and analyses of cases and outbreaks specifically associated with EV-D68, much of the information in this Disease Debrief is based on incomplete information from current and previous reports of outbreaks or has been extrapolated from what has been known about similar viruses. NCCID intends to update this document as required; any questions or suggestions would be most appreciated.