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Laurie Janes, March 25, 2019

Every day nurses and other health care providers experience forms of violence in their workplaces. This is not new and is not acceptable. Violence is not part of the job. NANB nursing practice standards are based on several principles; one of which clearly states that nurses require a quality work environment in order to best meet the NANB practice standards. This information is shared frequently during media calls, in think-tank discussions with nursing partners and in confidential consultation calls. NANB does not condone or support acts of violence on nurses: verbal or physical. However, NANB does support quality work environments that provide nurses with education and tools to better assess risk of violence, manage incidents and engage in debriefing following incidents for team support and learning.

NANB applauds the efforts of the New Brunswick Nurses Union (NBNU) and the government of New Brunswick in development of new occupational health and safety legislation. Implementation of policies requiring new workplace assessments, employee education and incident reporting (April 1, 2019) will further contribute to safe nursing work environments. In 2017, NANB partnered with NBNU to deliver Compassion Fatigue workshops, recognizing strong mental and physical well-being contribute to safe, competent and ethical care.

For many decades, nurses have experienced acts of violence causing forms of emotional, physical and psychological trauma, that in some cases result in the inability to return to work. Rarely were these violent acts made public. That has changed. New legislation provides opportunity for improvement. Part of the new legislation requires nurses to engage in education sessions that can assist in assessment of risk and assistance in de-escalation of confrontational events. The goal of the education is to prevent incidents of violence.

NANB offers support to members answering any questions through nurse consultations either by email or phone. (nanb@nanb.nb.ca/ 1-800-442-4417).  We will continue to support efforts being made to ensure safe, quality work environments for all nurses.

Fact Sheet: Workplace Violence