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Laurie Janes

National Nursing Week

Laurie Janes, May 10, 2019

On this last business day of 2019 National Nursing Week, I would like to thank the NANB nursing staff who left their comfort zones to go Live on Facebook for this week’s launch of the revised Standards for Registered Nurses information sessions. I am incredibly proud of the team of nurses at NANB and am honoured to work alongside them. These nurses continually role model, inform and collaborate with nurses and others in and outside of New Brunswick to assure nurses have the information and tools they require to practice safely, competently and ethically.

As well, I am feeling grateful and appreciative to work for the volunteer Board of Directors of NANB. Their messages of recognition and thanks to nurses and the public this nursing week are inspiring; their commitment to the Nurses Association of New Brunswick is strong. In today’s practice and education environments of rapid and constant change, strong leadership is vitally important. 

Have you listened to the Facebook Live sessions from NANB nursing colleagues? Have you viewed the commentaries on Facebook submitted by the NANB Board of Directors? If you have not, I recommend you do. Amidst the current complexity of nursing practice environments, taking a few moments to absorb this information and reflect on your personal approach to nursing practice may contribute to your professional mental health and your ongoing capacity to provide care to your patients, families and communities.

Nurses are among Canada’s most trusted professionals. Let’s take the time to invest in ourselves --- and each other, today and every day.