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Laurie Janes

Where does my registration fee go?

Laurie Janes, October 28, 2019

Annually, nurses in New Brunswick complete an application to renew their registration. Becoming registered allows their name to be entered or renewed in the New Brunswick nursing register database. During the annual registration renewal period (Oct 1 – Nov 30), NANB receives questions from nurses who are curious what they pay for and where their fees go?

All regulated professions are licensed annually through the process of registration. Some organizations use the term license. In New Brunswick, the annual fees include membership fee to the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) as well as liability insurance coverage through the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS), Nurses in New Brunswick cannot practice without liability insurance.

Registration fees for nursing practice in New Brunswick are significant. However, NANB fees were last increased in 2015, and are one of the lowest annual nursing registration fees in Canada. Annual fees are used to support work on nursing education standards, nursing practice standards, nursing consulting services, and delivery of information important to nurses to maintain a safe, competent practice. NANB also completes monitoring of practices through audits, and supports work in Professional Conduct Review, including Fitness to Practice work for members who may not be able to meet practice standards due to injury and/or illness. This work is not only important for the profession of nursing but for the public we serve each and every day.

The Fall 2019 edition of Info Nursing contains answers to frequently asked questions on the annual registration process. Please take a moment to review before you begin registration. Upon completion of the annual registration application and payment; NANB provides a registration certificate. This year, at the bottom of the certificate there is a breakdown of specific fees paid, and the amount for NANB registration, CNA membership and CNPS insurance fees. Please contact NANB staff (nanbregistration@nanb.nb.ca) if you have any questions on the registration process.