Nominate a colleague, friend or health care advocate who strives to improve health care delivery and promote health awareness every day. The Nurses Association of New Brunswick (NANB) proudly acknowledges the contributions made by current and former members of the profession.

Life Membership

A select number of nurses are recognized for long or outstanding services to the nursing profession either by serving in elected office or by participating in committee work at the national or provincial level.

Honorary Membership

This membership recognizes distinguished service or valuable assistance to the nursing profession by a member of the public. Nominees may be persons who have played a leadership role within an allied health care group or a member of the public who has performed meritorious services on behalf of nurses and nursing.

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award

NANB believes that the clinical practice role is fundamental to nursing and that all other roles within the profession exist to maintain and support nursing practice. NANB established a biennial award to honor a staff nurse providing direct care to clients in any nursing setting and who has made a significant contribution to nursing. The intent of this award is to foster excellence in clinical practice and to recognize nursing peers.

Awards of Merit

The awards of merit recognize nurses from each of the four key areas of nursing who have made a unique contribution to the nursing profession and who demonstrate excellence in nursing practice.

  • Award of Merit: Nursing Practice
  • Award of Merit: Administration
  • Award of Merit: Education
  • Award of Merit: Research

Entry-Level Nurse Achievement Award

NANB believes in recognizing entry-level nurses for their early contribution in the nursing profession. This award is specifically for registered nurses who have entered the nursing profession by graduating from their nursing education program not more than two years prior to being nominated.

Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for submission of nominations for all NANB awards is January 31 on odd numbered years. For more information download: